What is the DRE?

The mission of the DRE is to support school district researchers and directors to connect, communicate and collaborate.


  • Networking through the annual meeting and online social network and forum
  • Developing personal contacts with colleagues
  • Asking questions and getting fast, expert answers
  • Participating in activities at related conferences such as AEA, regional SERAs, etc.


  • Presenting at annual meetings
  • Sharing of district reports
  • Recognizing outstanding work through awards for district reports
  • Sharing news, openings, etc.
  • Publishing materials for use in districts to develop local capacity


  • Developing and conducting common research projects – multiple districts doing similar evaluations at the same time, sharing data for larger scale evaluation, etc.
  • Conducting an annual project
  • Developing standards or best practice guides
  • Providing peer reviews
  • Mentoring colleagues and individuals new to the field