Where Ed Rsch $ goes, initial NAEP results, accountability moratorium, Popham : DRE’s ED News for K12 Researchers

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This week’s edition of ED News for K12 Researchers can e found at http://bit.ly/18mG3K1 .    Below are some highlights and some links that are only found in this message because they will not link in the news blast. This blast is also posted as a message at www.redirectors.org.

Request from a DRE:  We are in the process of addressing writing under Common Core here in a northern elementary district in California. What are districts doing in terms of writing assessments? Alternatively, have you found any solid work for writing supporting the Core? We are looking to see if any vendors or districts have developed their writing benchmarks with prompts, anchor papers, and rubrics. I’d like to find a program that allowed student work to be completed directly for editing and distribution access for calibration, for instance, if a teacher needs to share her class papers with another teacher. I am interested in online or web-based programs that would help teachers with writing benchmarks, hopefully with some vetted prompts for K-8, and ongoing writing tasks as suggested by the Common Core. Please contact Paul Gale if you have any helpful info – ps_gale@yahoo.com  (ps_gale)

Division H is looking for reports of research by or for school districts.  http://www.aera.net/DivisionH/Awards/tabid/11267/Default.aspx  All prior submissions can be found on our website, www.redirectors.org

Principals on readiness for the common core  https://www.naesp.org/leadership-common-core

Fordham study on what protections schools put in place (or mostly not) for cloud based student data http://law.fordham.edu/center-on-law-and-information-policy/32158.htm

PISA shows pre-school pays  http://ht.ly/rBALK

Obama has proposed ARPA-ED (named after DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).  Where are the Ed research dollars spent now?  http://www.aspeninstitute.org/policy-work/education-society   And what agencies oversee Ed Research? http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/inside-school-research/2013/12/education_research_evolving_bu.html?cmp=SOC-SHR-TW

Does math have to be boring? NYT: no, Slate: yes a little bit. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/08/opinion/sunday/who-says-math-has-to-be-boring.html?ref=mathematics      http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2013/12/10/american_student_pisa_scores_math_has_to_be_at_least_a_little_boring.html

Why have I given every one close to me that has gone into teaching a Harry Wong book? Stats on how well teachers are prepared for classroom management  http://www.nctq.org/teacherPrep/futureTeachers/classroomManagement.jsp

An Accountability moratorium in states during the transition to the Common Core?  http://www.edexcellence.net/commentary/education-gadfly-daily/common-core-watch/the-accountability-moratorium-is-here

Hahvaaad on PD for family engagement  http://www.hfrp.org/family-involvement/fine-family-involvement-network-of-educators/fine-newsletter-archive/december-fine-newsletter-innovative-approaches-to-preparing-and-training-educators-for-family-engagement

 Does raising the compulsory ed age increase student outcomes? IES says … http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/edlabs/projects/project.asp?projectID=364                            

 Jim Popham: Using Student Learning Objectives in teacher evaluation is just plain silly  http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/finding_common_ground/2013/12/the_pseudo-science_of_evaluating_teachers_via_a_student_learning_objectives_strategy.html

Student Based Allocation of School Funding, or salary caps come to elementary schools,   http://edunomicslab.org/webinar-introduction-student-based-allocations/?utm_source=hootsuite&utm_campaign=hootsuite

Dreambox Learning. You know not all dreams are good, right? Will this give Rocketship Ed (a charter group that uses it) nightmares? http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/interventionreport.aspx?sid=627

 Podcast of the President of Mathematica on reducing the fear of program evaluation  http://govinnovator.com/pauldecker/

You frequently hear that a huge proportion  of our teachers will retire in the next few years. Interestingly, in California retirements are a pretty steady 3.5%  +/- of the workforce over the past few years  http://www.cftl.org/Our_Publications.htm

Disability Research news  http://links.mkt3889.com/servlet/MailView?ms=NzU3OTUxOQS2&r=NzE0ODQ0NzA1MzMS1&j=MTA1MDM1MzY4S0&mt=1&rt=0

Students make steady progress in math and reading on NAEP.   Initial NAEP R & M results  http://eric.ed.gov/?q=ED544347&id=ED544347                                                                                                      

Lagniappe: The world’s biggest cities, 4000 BC to today  http://www.slate.com/blogs/business_insider/2013/12/14/chart_world_s_biggest_cities_since_4000_b_c.html

There is all this and lots more in our weekly edition -- http://bit.ly/18mG3K1

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