Sept 29th Ed News for DREs

posted Sep 29, 2013, 7:02 AM by Joe OReilly

The latest version of K12 News for Ed Researchers is out This blast is also posted as a message at

Chronic absenteeism hits oldest and youngest.

A PD opportunity for next year? We liked it.

What is the over/under on more states dropping the common core? Washington insiders tell Whiteboard advisors

OECD profiles the entering college students around the world. Interesting differences.

Nat ‘Sigmal and the Noise’ Silver on teaching yourself statistics and not settling in your career

What reporters are saying to each other about getting to know you (we are “the nerds”). (Scroll down to 9/25 entry, Stories Using Data)

Do people ask you what is the story on Obamacore?  A summary to share

Who tests you baby? Market share by company

I am in San Jose this weekend for a 2 year olds birthday party and my niece mentioned that in her PR job you release things people don’t want to cover on Friday afternoon.  Guess what? USED released its strategic plan on a Friday afternoon, a coincidence I am sure!

The AJC paper reviews test questions and finds them lacking or installment 1 at\2013\09\15&article=Ar00103



Jim Popham, Neil Kingston and Steve Court (a former DRE) are organizing  a conference:

Call for Paper Presentations3  |  Conference Agenda 4  |  Background Materials5
Conference Registration Form (PDF)6


The First-Ever International Conference on Instructional Sensitivity

Hosted by The Achievement and Assessment Institute

The University of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas

Nov. 14–15, 2013, with an opening banquet on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 13


Lagniappe: Google isn’t ruining your memory. It is much weirder than that. Google is replacing that significant other that you rely on to fill out your reminisces.

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