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posted Feb 9, 2014, 8:35 AM by Joe OReilly

WCPSS reports, pre-K still hot, time testing, STEM disconnects, ED looking at SWD grads, home lang survey : DRE’s ED News for K12 Researchers -- .

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What does program evaluation look like in school districts?

Much different than at research labs and universities I would think.

It would be interesting to know what we are all doing.


You are invited to complete a survey on program evaluation in your district from researchers at Johns Hopkins. Taking the 15 minute survey will pay your DRE dues for a year. To take the survey click here:


Thanks to the 48 districts that have already replied.


Wake County has some new reports (send me a link to yours) on LEP students…   

 …and one related to retention/promotion at the high school level. 


From DRE David Weinberger in Yonkers NY:  A new resource is available with the release of Version 4: CEDS Extend. Now users can view NCES Handbook data elements alongside CEDS elements as part of the CEDS searchable data elements and the Domain Entity Schema.  Also included in this release are 15 tutorials on using CEDS Align and Connect as well as an expanded list of publications describing
how to use CEDS (and more examples are coming). Version 4 of CEDS can be found at the CEDS website:

Wonder how your students will do in 2015 on new assessment types? In 2009 NAEP administered some new item types. See what they learned

AZ increased the percent on F&R lunch by almost 50% from 2000 to 2010, US up 10 percentage points. How did your state do?

Should teachers think like learning engineers?

Universal design from a Harvard grad perspective

Home language surveys may be changing

Student growth measures compared and contrasted

e-Rate $ to double, companies pledge added support to schools

Your Food & Nut director will have to get schooled

Introverted kids know it but maybe  just wont say it

ED will be looking at grad rate disparities for SWDs

Algebra blended learning impacts

The student and the stopwatch: how much time is spent on testing?  And here is the panel discussing it   Meanwhile, Alexander Russo suggests Arnie focus on cutting duplicative testing as a low cost second term accomplishment

Daniel Willingham wants you to know about this pre-K research

Point Counterpoint: R’s diss pre-K  while Slavin praises its value and it is the focus of hearings on the hill

ACT on recent grads’ disconnect between interests and careers in STEM

The good news is all income groups increased their real income 1979-2007. But don’t you think the top 1% got a little greedy? Compelling graphs.


Lagniappe:  Thanks to the arctic vortex , a county by county ,ap of how much snow it usually takes to cancel school

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