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posted Sep 8, 2013, 8:51 AM by Joe OReilly   [ updated Sep 8, 2013, 9:34 AM ]

The latest version of K12 News for Ed Researchers is out This blast is also posted as a message at

Why read the book when you can get the author’s summary? Amanda Ripley on what she learned about the best students in the world (hey, in HS I always was a fan of reading classic comic books over the summer reading list)

Pearson’s research network on reading While there click on the other topics on the left sidebar.

John Merrow of PBS and others are promoting these reading resources

Americans grade the most valuable subject they took – and reading does not win!

ED Week spotlight on math instruction

Interleaving versus blocking – which helps long term math retention better?


Interesting discussion on ed research

The Federal Education Budget Project has posted your test results for all to see.

Money in, money out: NCES district dollar data

What majors make after college? Data from 5 states

Indiana legislature’s report on their A-F accountability ‘adjustments’


This newsletter used the service. Here is how is used in one class

Lagniappe: Unrelated link of the week – Welcome back to school – here are 10 TED talks from inspiring teachers

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