New CGCS report, importance of principals, DQC State Ratings, PISA preview, more...

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New CGCS report, importance of principals, DQC State Ratings, PISA preview : DRE’s ED News for K12 Researchers -- .

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The Council of Great City Schools released a report on how to increase black male achievement

Duncan may survive the comments about white suburban moms being the opposition to CCSS, but someone tell him to avoid the third rail of high school parent groups- dissing band parents.                                              

RAND on the importance of Principal-school match

And how principals use their time impacts achievement

Reading and brain change

Consistent bed times in pre-K was associated with better behavior in 2nd grade

You may have more in common with reporters in the future than you expect

We have all heard the old saw that ‘those who can’t do teach, and those who can’t teach, teach gym (but they often become superintendents). But USED wants to change that perception by starting a campaign to get the best and brightest into teaching

Arlington Schools holds a datapalooza competition – winning teams get $10K.

Attendance equals achievement. D’uoh!!

Another take on the research on preschool for all

Its about two weeks until PISA is released and we hear “why can’t we be like Shanghai, perfect in every way!”  You earlier heard from Bob Slavin on Pisa. Here is Mark Tucker’s/Tom Friedman’s  take on why Shanghai works (it is in the second half of the column, and to paraphrase Clinton’s campaign mantra, The teachers, stupid!”

Want to be a peer reviewer for Americorp grants?

The annual data quality campaign report by state is out – for the first time DE & AR got perfect 10’s, CA says ‘I’m just not that into you.’

Do you have a district data leader? Nominate the person today

Lagniappe: The Big History Project, a MOOC on the history of the world or if you were not a social studies geek like me, the Gettysburg address via PowerPoint (ok, that is a social studies geek thing too)

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