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****Thanks to those who shared info on evaluating education equity with a fellow DRE.

GED is a term like Kleenex, it is a brand name we use for what is now a category of tests..

Annie E. Casey Fndtn finds a third of K students not cognitively prepared{C1FB5F12-3394-4F79-9BF7-549F73DC7CA6}

Mapping 60 years of white flight, brain drain and US migration patterns

 Are first gen students ready for college? ACT reports

AIR on how to combine measures to evaluate teachers

My mother always said ‘the rich get richer and the poor get babies.’ Being one of seven, I knew which group we were in. The OECD says unlike other nations, that seems to be the official policy for child issues in the US

In related news, a child’s success may depend on his/her zip code. Can students in your community become president? The opportunity index

Making effect size understandable or, in research parlance “Translating the Statistical Representation of the Effects of Education Interventions Into More Readily Interpretable Forms”  (not in news, goes right to report)


NAEP 2013 is out. Beware MisNAEPery! (making claims about the results that the data do not support). There will be a lot of that from pundits!  The readers digest version:  The whole magillah:


When an old DRE gets his picture on the web I have to include it – Joe Wilhoft, Smarter Balanced leader, testifying in Cali


Mathematica  looked at teacher effectiveness

Transferring highly effective teachers had a positive effect on the achievement in those schools (Note to IES: to get a complete picture of impact, what happened in the schools they transferred from?)

PISA scores will come out in December and Shanghai will be at the top of the list.  Bob Slavin on what that really means.

Lagniappe: Higher Ed is worth 8% more income per year for the rest of your life. Who wouldn’t want that type of ROI? No time? Get “a fake diploma or degree in as little as 24 hours” you’re your choice of any US university here:  (by Lucre Unlimited, Inc. – no I did not make that up!)

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