August 8 Edition of Ed News for K12 Researchers

posted Aug 11, 2013, 9:41 AM by Joe o'reilly

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The big story of the week was NY scores drop as the tests become more Common Core like, which is no news to us. Similar headlines coming to a state near you in the next year or two.

In related news, The Center on Education Policy released a study of SEAs’ views of year 3 of CCSS implementation and there was a discussion on the Gordon Commission’s recommendations on the future of testing

That isn’t the only testing news this week. Changes in the SAT and ACT that may benefit digital natives were highlighted  And a report provides AP program and performance data by state

USED is rethinking how to do state peer review of assessment systems. Having been involved in this in the past as both a reviewer and a reviewee, I can tell you the review process has a big impact on testing in states.


Did you see the New Yorker cartoon where a business man is on the phone discussing the scheduling of a meeting with someone he really does not want to deal with and says “How about never? Does never work for you?” The Obama admin may be taking the same approach to ESEA reauthorization

Dirty data? A 12 step plan for a cleaner evaluation



Does blended learning increase algebra scores? We covered the actual study a few weeks back, but here is a related news story on case you missed the original study.

Sas data visualization.

Unrelated link of the week – the good news is there is a teacher making $4 Mil a year. The bad news is the teacher’s students  will no longer need thousands of flesh and blood teachers.


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Joe O’Reilly