August 4 K12 News for Ed Researchers

posted Aug 3, 2013, 3:33 PM by Joe o'reilly   [ updated Aug 3, 2013, 3:35 PM ]

The latest version of K12 News for Ed Researchers has hit the virtual street  --

Welcome to first grade. I can predict your future, and it does not end well.

Division H award winner in the advances in methodologies category – Power Up (effect size calculation) tool

Online testing had some major bumps this spring as several states experienced interruptions and unexpected downtime. Thanks to Peter Hendrickson for sending this link of an analysis of the impact of disruptions on online testing in Indiana.

Leaning testing of PISA? Results will be released 12/3 but it is never too early to bone up on criticisms of the rankings. And since Finland is the international comparison answer, how does that story end?

ED wants to know how to track expenditures by school – comment period is still open --

CCSS opponents see tests as weak link. The true weak link may be the cost of tests (and a controversial item that will define the tests) that doom the effort.

The good news is that teachers are the fourth most engaged employees in their jobs. The bad news is that only 31% are engaged. Is that good?

GAO on strategies to enhance use of program evals

Robert Slavin on do clinical trials work in education?


Why some changes are adopted and some are not

Unrelated link of the week – preference for boy babies in America?  Or another caseof correlation does not mean causation?

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