The DRE Awards

 DRE Award For Service and Leadership

 The Directors of Research & Evaluation has an annual award for individuals who have contributed to the field. The first awards were announced at the 2013 meetings in San Francisco.

The inaugural 2013 awardees are Michael Kean and Joe O'Reilly. Michael was the DRE in Philadelphia before moving to CTB-McGraw-Hill where he managed governmental affairs. Michael hosted the annual DRE dinner and other events. Michael truly believed in the value of DREs connecting and sharing and dedicated much effort to make that possible for us. Joe is the DRE in Mesa [AZ] and has worked to raise the value of the DRE to school district researchers.

The 2014 awardee was Stu Rankin. Stu was the DRE and Associate Superintendent in Detroit before moving to the University of Michigan. To many long time DREs Stu was a mentor and advisor. He also worked tirelessly to support our organization. Stu's father was the Detroit DRE from 1920 to 1966 and was one of a group of DREs that met at a NEA conference around 1916 who founded an organization for sharing research useful to schools and school districts. You know that organization today as AERA.


Dog Eared Reports Are Best of Breed

The Directors of Research & Evaluation has proposed an annual award for reports that are well utilized and/or have a major impact within a school district. To be considered, the report must be nominated or co-nominated by a department or office outside of the research and evaluation function. Report nominations will be solicited in the fall.


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