Current collaborations - What Do DREs Do?

We have ongoing collaborations and discussions. Here are a few of the recent ones:

We just completed a survey on evaluation in school districts. The results are now available. Click on the Recent News and Reports Link on the left. The report is the first item listed.

Naomi Calvo, DRE in Bellingham, is working with Hanover Research to create a survey on assessment systems in K12 districts. Anyone who responds will get a copy of the final report. The invitation to participate will be released soon.
Nancy Baenen from Wake County led a discussion at the DRE meeting in Philadelphia on what DREs do between annual meetings. Here are her results:

DRE Poster Survey --12 Responses            Contact: Nancy Baenen

We conducted an informal survey of members who attended a discussion of our roles in districts DRE this year. Of the 12 districts that responded                    :
• We had a good mix of smaller and larger districts plus members in other settings or retired.
• The most common work responsibilities were program evaluation, research, and surveys.
Testing or assessment responsibilities were also common.
• When asked to mark the 3 biggest challenges they were facing, the volume of work stood out
as most common. Staffing level, access to data, and outside research requests were least
commonly mentioned.
Two conclusions:
• There is no shortage of work for Directors of Research and Evaluation or their staff.
• DRE departments still conduct program evaluations, with research and surveys also common.
Testing is also often in the mix of responsibilities.
For details, see the next page.
Work Affiliation                                                           #                    %
      District with 35,000 students or less                 3                    25%
      District with more than 35,000 students          5                    42
      Other affiliation or retired                                   4                    33
Work Responsibilities                                                  #                    %
      Assessment logistics and processing                  4                   33
      Test analysis                                                            3                   25
      Test reporting                                                         4                    33
      Program evaluations                                            11                   92*
      Instructional/Institutional Research                    8                   67
      Surveys                                                                      7                   58
Top 3 Challenges                                                            #                    %
       Volume of work                                                      6.5                54
       Staffing level                                                              .5                  4**
       Access to needed data --                                          0
       Outside research requests                                       1                  8
       Superintendent change since last March              3                25
       New supervisor or change in reporting                  3                25
       Other                                                                            3                25
           1—incompetent elected official
           2—Getting staff to use data and reports
           3—Getting past the “born again” enthusiasm to help colleagues become responsible, thinking
                  user of data and research